2017 Actions

We renew our commitment to sustainability with new actions:

  • A ZERO WASTE race prioritizing waste reduction from the origin and their reusing, especially in catering and provisioning (using reusable dishes and avoiding disposable consumables).
  • A more responsible consumption. Our commitment to local products and the prevention of packaging waste (use of bulky and large format, avoiding single dose provisioning and catering, etc.)
  • A sustainable mobility for staff and volunteers. Our commitment for better management of travel and transportation sharing.
  • An improved environmental management signals.
  • Training and awareness on sustainability for volunteers.

… to be added to those already implemented in previous editions:

  • Analysis of the environmental impact of the race tracks.
  • Optimizing beacons marking logistics.
  • Reducing the use of paper and commit to electronic formats (magazine of the race, information and technical dossiers, etc.)
  • Selective waste collection and recycling initiatives.
  • Ensuring a responsible consumption of energy.
  • Making voluntary cleaning of the environment (Clean up), if necessary