Arinsal welcomes the World Cup

Arinsal welcomes the World Cup

World Cup racers have been arriving in Arinsal, in preparation for the World Cup throughout Thursday and Friday and they have had the chance to get familiar with the race circuits, in their training sessions. During the afternoon, they enjoyed taking part in the Comapedrosa Andorra Opening Ceremony, welcoming the World Cup starting on Saturday with the first Individual Race; with 109 participants from 12 different countries. Sunday will be the closure of the Andorran World Cup with the Vertical Race, with a total of 121 racers registered.

Arinsal, 24th of January 2020.- The Ski Mountaineering World Cup has returned to Andorra. Arinsal is hosting more than a hundred racers from 12 different countries, who will each compete in the two events that conform the Comapedrosa Andorra World Cup: firstly, the Individual Race and finally the Vertical Race. This Friday afternoon the opening ceremony was held in the square next to the Arinsal cable car, where hot chocolate and traditional Andorran “coca” was served for all, impregnating the town of Arinsal with the true World Cup atmosphere.


Saturday the first of the two Comapedrosa Andorra events will take place: Individual Race. This race has 109 registered participants, who have carried out their first training on Andorran slopes. This Thursday, the Andorran organizing committee decided to modify the race circuit, due to the recent snowfalls that have made it impossible to maintain the initially planned itinerary. Instead of reaching the Comapedrosa Peak, the Individual Race will reach Pic Negre passing via Pic de la Capa. The race starts on Saturday at 10am, kicking off with the Senior Men’s category. On Sunday, the Vertical Race will finalise the Andorran stage of the World Cup with 121 registered participants. The race circuit is comprehended entirely within marked routes, so it hasn’t required modification despite the heavy snowfall.


The weather forecast for this weekend is favourable. During Saturday it is expected that there will be some clouds on top of the mountains that could cause some light snowfall from 1,300 meters upwards, but with no risk of compromising the racecourse circuit. Winds will blow from southwest with gusts of between 30 and 40 km/h and temperatures will be below 0º from 2,500 meters upwards.

On Sunday we are expecting clouds in the morning, with no forecast of snowfall. Temperatures will be similar to those on Saturday and the wind will blow with less intensity, with gusts of between 10 and 15 km/h.



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