Font Blanca: CO2 neutral emissions

Font Blanca: first CO2 neutral emissions IMSF race

Font Blanca is a leader in high-level sports competition and a reference for nature and adventure lovers. This year also wants again to be a leader in sustainability, as it has incorporated measures to reduce its impact on the environment.

One of the most remarkable measures is that, for a second consecutive year, CO2 emissions of the race were calculated and were offset by purchasing carbon credits from a project developed in Brazil, with a strong social commitment that reduces carbon emissions through energy production from renewable sources. Thus, the race has won the seal of “Clean CO2 certified”, which certifies it as a neutral event.

To get this Seal, race organizers have had to collect data on energy consumption and materials necessary for the organization and developing of the 2016 Font Blanca (use of automobiles, helicopter and motorbikes, production of shirts and communication materials, the catering during the three days of the race and lighting).

With this action, Font Blanca renews as the first CO2 neutral emissions IMSF race and one of the first mountain sports events that has the seal of “Clean CO2 Certified”.

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