Laetitia Roux announces her retirement

Laetitia Roux announces her retirement

Laetitia Roux (33 years old) has announced her retirement. She has decided to end her sporting carreer in ISMF World Cup. It means that the best woman in the history of Font Blanca won’t come back for the 2019 edition, that will take part on january the 26th and the 27th.

Roux has a big number of wins in Andorra, accordint to the World Cup:

  • Individual race 2017
  • Individual and vertical 2015
  • Individual and vertical 2014
  • Individual 2013
  • Individual and vertical 2012

She’s also the winner of Font Blanca 2011, when the andorran race was scoring for the Spanish Championship and the vertical race didn’t exist yet.



The french athlete is considered the best skimo runner in the history of World Cup. She has won 17 times the World Cup, 9 the European Championships, 60 wins in World Cup, 8 overalls and 27 French Championships. And she has other achievements that make her a legend, such as being the first woman in the history of this sport to win 100 times or win all the World Cup events in 2014.

Te french athlete announced her retirement through the social networks. Roux published in twitter: “A page turns. I leave the World Cup with immense satisfaction and gratitude. Filled with energy, joy, excitement, the story does not stop here…”.

She wants to keep the passion of mountain but not enjoying with the high competition.She dreams with other challenges so from Font Blanca, we want to thank her being an excellent skimo ambassadress and wish her all the best for the future. Good luck Laetitia!

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