Here you can find information referring to the regulation of the two proves of Comapedrosa Andorra World Championships for which it published: Relay Race, Sprint Race, Individual Race and the Vertical Race.

World Championships: the competition regulations are established by the Muntanya International Ski Federation (ISMF), which is posted on the website:

The Local Organizing Committee (COL) of Comapedrosa Andorra World Championships 2021 reserves the right to not accept material that does not complete the regulations established for the competition per part of both federations.

The Local Organizing Committee and the Andorran Federation of Muntanyisme decline all responsibility in cases of personal damage or materials or occasions to third parties derived from the celebration of Comapedrosa Andorra World Championships.

The organization whereby the registration to any of both courses implies full acceptance by the participants of the provisions of the regulations established by the International Ski Federation of Muntanya and the Andorran Federation of Muntanyisme.