Mr. Mariotta Salutation – ISMF Ski President –

Mr. Mariotta Salutation – ISMF Ski President –





Font Blanca
Organizing Committee

Villanova Mindovì, 23rd December 2016

Dear Sirs,

In the name of the International Ski Mountaineering Federation I am glad and honored to announce that the first ski mountaineering World Cup event included in the ISMF calendar will run in Andorra also this year, organized by the strong and professional team of the Font Blanca.

Font Blanca is celebrating its 14th Font Blanca edition on the spectacular Andorran mountains together with ISMF following to the full Recognition as Olympic Federation in June 2016.

As ISMF President, I would like to thank the Organization Committee for the big work they are doing and I wish all the success for this so important event.

All my best,


Armando Mariotta

ISMF SKi President

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