This is the third edition in which the Andorran Mountaineering Federation has the collaboration of the Andorran Anti-Doping Agency (AGAD) to carry out, together with the specialists of the ISMF, the doping controls within the competition .

In the last edition, the Andorran Mountaineering Federation and the Andorran Anti-Doping Agency joined forces to expand the anti-doping actions carried out during the days of the competition, carrying out outreach actions to inform athletes that it is better play fair and say NO to doping (#JugaNet and #DiguesNOalDopatge).

We believe that it is interesting to continue this project and that is why this year, following the outreach actions, we propose to continue the actions undertaken during the 2019 edition and add a new action / project.

During the 2020 edition, the AGAD wants to take advantage of the Comapedrosa race to launch the REVELA’T project and space. An online platform, associated with the AGAD website, where you can anonymously report suspicions or views of actions that may be violating anti-doping rules.

Along with this new project, we will continue to give strength and visibility to the campaign launched in 2019 under the name: “DON’T GAMBLE WITH YOUR HEALTH”, with the aim of continuing to inform and educate athletes of the risks arising from the intake of supplements food looking for:

  • Raise awareness among athletes that food supplements may be contaminated with doping substances due to errors
  • Report that food supplements may be contaminated voluntarily.
  • Report the existence of doping cases due to the consumption of contaminated nutritional supplements.
  • Provide tools to athletes to detect suspicious supplements and choose the right ones