Sustainability 2020

Lavola has renewed yet another year as a sustainability partner for Comapedrosa Andorra 2020, in the field of combating climate change (offsetting the race’s CO2 emissions). FEDA also collaborates with the loan of electric vehicles.

Comapedrosa Andorra is one of the world cup races most involved with sustainability. For some years now the race has been measuring its environmental impact and it is a carbon neutral race. To achieve this, work is being done in all areas of the organization to reduce these emissions and what is not eliminated is compensated by certified improvement projects.

The purpose of the Comapedrosa is ZERO waste. This is why we continue the cross-cutting work in the area of ​​sustainability, which sets out guidelines to be followed in various areas of the race.

It leaves the mountain clean of race signs and debris. Refreshments eliminate disposable items and adjust quantities to reduce leftovers, prioritizing recyclable and reusable aterials. The restoration treats waste and prioritizes local products and businesses.

LAVOLA is a race sponsor helping to offset the race’s CO2 emissions.

FEDA collaborates with 3 electric vehicles for sustainable transport, free of Co2 emissions during the race.

Commitment to sustainability with the Darica Hydro Power Plant project

Comapedrosa 2020 reaffirms yet another edition the commitment to sustainability and to the fight against climate change in collaboration with the Darica Hydro Power Plant project, that contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Comapederosa 2020 calculates its carbon footprint, that is, the emissions associated with the race due to the energy consumption of the facilities, the movements of the organizers, the materials used and the waste generated. These emissions are offset by a financial contribution to the Darica Hydro Power Plant project.
The Darica Hydroelectric Power Plant is located on the Melet River in the Mesudiye district of Ordu Province in Turkey.

The purpose of the project activity is to supply 99 MW of renewable electricity, thanks to the strength of the water, to the fast growing Turkish electricity market. The project is expected to generate 327,690 MWh of electricity annually and reduce about 209,722 tonnes of CO2 a year. It also contributes to additional environmental and social benefits, such as increased employment opportunities in the area, improved energy efficiency, the expansion of education, health services and public facilities.


Comapedrosa 2020, a race committed to the fight against climate change

Comapedrosa 2020 reaffirms its commitment to the fight against climate change and will be neutral in emissions following the line started by Font Blanca 5 years ago. Additionally, for the third consecutive year, it gives all participants and attendees the opportunity to join in this offsetting commitment, the emissions generated by their journeys to follow the race.

The organization, with the support of Lavola and Clean CO2, has closed a collaboration agreement with the Darica project, a hydroelectric plant built on the Melet river in Turkey, which will offset greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) ) that will occur during the event. The neutralized emissions will be those that will be generated by the energy consumption, travel of the organizers, waste generated, and materials necessary for the organization and celebration of the race. This initiative, certified by Verified Carbon Standard, reduces CO2 emissions, reduces water pollution, energizes the local economy, increases employment and cares for the environment.

Everyone who visits Comapedrosa 2020 will have the option of contributing to the fight against climate change, and will be able to calculate and compensate for the environmental impact of their displacement until the race. To do this, an online tool has been created that calculates emissions in an easy and intuitive way and that allows them to be offset by renewable energy projects around the world.

We would like our participants and visitors to be part of our environmental commitment, so we offer them the opportunity to offset the CO2 emissions that they incur through their Clean CO2 Webshop.