The extreme weather conditions force the cancellation of the individual race

The extreme weather conditions force the cancellation of the individual race

We’ve fought against everything, until the last breath, we’ve put all the possible means… But it has been impossible. The extreme weather conditions in Vallnord-Arcalís have forced the cancellation of the individual race scheduled for today.

Up to 80 snow centimeters have fallen during the last hours, we’ve also fought against strong and constant wind gusts and against null visibility, and after many years hosting the World Cup it is the first time that the weather beats the Font Blanca.

“We’ve tried it in all ways. We’ve postponed the starting time up to four or five times, but if we wanted to guarantee 100% of the security of the racers, which is essential for the Andorran Mountain Federation (FAM) and the International Federation (ISMF), unfortunately we absolutely had to cancel today’s race”, explains the designer of the paths, Carlo Ferrari.

Noteworthy the huge effort of all the organization. From the ski-resort, Vallnord-Arcalís has put all the possible means in the hands of Font Blanca. The volunteers as well have carried out an immeasurable task in really extreme conditions on the highest areas of the path, trying to mark the track and displaying the guiding flags; they’ve left all their energy to try to avoid the inevitable.


Tomorrow Sunday, sun… and show

But the Font Blanca event keeps the illusion intact. Tomorrow, the weather forecast is good. The sun will be back, highest temperatures and the Font Blanca h

as everything ready to live the show of the Ski Mountaineering World Cup. “We expect a global and total success of public attendance for an event which will make history in this sport and for the ISMF”, emphasizes the president of the FAM, Jaume Esteve.

The reason is that for the first time in history, there will be a live broadcast of the vertical race, thanks to Andorra Televisió. And we will accompany the show in Vallnord-Arinsal with hot chocolates, draws, animation material, a face-painting workshop and many more. That’s why, Esteve makes a public call so that nobody will miss one of the most important events of the winter season in Andorra: “tomorrow is also Skimo National Day and we want everyone to be part of this great party that we have prepared for you”, says the president of the FAM.


Timetable for vertical race, the 28th of January in Arinsal

  • 09:00 Face-painting workshop for spectators at the terrace of the Comallemple bar
  • Distribution of bells and animation banners
  • Start timetable
    09:30  Start of Copa d’Andorra Senior, Junior and Cadet (men and women)
    10:17  Start of Junior WC Women
    10:30  Start of Junior WC Men
    10:50  Start of Senior WC Women
    11:15  Start of Senior WC Men
    13:00  Official WC and Copa d’Andorra winner’s podium of the vertical race i Arinsal’s terrace
  • Draw of 3 super prizes of the TRIPLE DRAW FONT BLANCA which has been active on facebook until 25th of January.
  • Draw of 10 Vallnord-Pal Arinsal ski passes between the spectators who have accepted on painting their faces.


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