The Individual Race route will reach the Black peak through the Alt Peak.

The Individual Race route will reach the Black peak through the Alt Peak.

Following the snowfall on Wednesday and today, Thursday, Mountain Skiing World Cup organizers have adapted the Individual Race circuit. Yesterday, the organization officially announced that the Individual Race of the World Cup would not crown the Comapedrosa Peak for safety, but that it would remain in Arinsal. The adaptation of the circuit will maintain its technical level by ascending the two peaks of the station: Pic Alt de la Capa and Pic Negre. The race will take place within the ski area of ​​Vallnord – Pal Arinsal but completely off track.

The Comapedrosa Andorra organization has adapted this Thursday the race of the Individual Race. Due to weather conditions, the race will not be able to reach the Comapedrosa Peak but maintain its original Arinsal location. This route to Comapedrosa was rejected yesterday for security reasons. Safety regulations say that any shovel greater than 30 degrees should not have more than 40 or 50 cm of accumulated fresh snow. Currently over 100 cm of snow has fallen, and for this reason the route has been adapted.

The adapted route is high mountain and maintains its technical level. Both the start and the finish are located at the Chalet Igloo in Arinsal, at 2300 meters and the race will take place within the ski domain of Vallnord – Pal Arinsal but mostly off-piste. The circuit will pass through the Port Negre going up to the peak Alt de la Capa. You will then lower the shovel of the Alt de la Capa to the Obelix bar again raising the Alt de la Capa and at the end of the route you will pass through the Pic Negre and Port Vell to finish at the Igloo Chalet. In total, the men’s senior race will have 5 ascents and 5 descents with a drop of 1790 meters. The senior women’s and junior men’s tours will also consist of 5 ascents and 5 descents with a drop of 1390 meters and finally the junior of 3 ascents and 3 descents with a drop of 880 meters. The first will leave at 10am with the senior men’s start. This race will be broadcasted via Comapedrosa World Cup facebook.

It is a race that from the beginning has wanted to include the four most emblematic peaks of the country: the Comapedrosa Peak, the Comallemple Peak, the High Capa Peak and the Black Peak. In this edition, the circuit will cover the last two peaks.



Heavy snowfall will not affect the Sunday circuit for the Vertical Race. This is a very special tour for the participants, as it is done entirely by the ski slope, which allows athletes to give 100% without any interference during the progression. This makes it a unique and very attractive race for both the runners and the spectators of Comapedrosa Andorra World Cup. In this also the Open of Andorra in senior category, junior, cadet and infantile is realized and will be the one in charge to inaugurate the race with the departure at 9h30. This race will be broadcast on RTVA and Facebook by Comapedrosa World Cup in Andorra.

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