Vertical in Arinsal

The vertical race is done integrally on the ski slope to allow athletes to give 100% without generating any interference during the progression.

The senior and junior male start from 1590m; the female juniors and cadets start above, at 1855m. But for everyone, the arrival altitude is 2320m, next to the Igloo Bar.

The arrival is the best place to follow the race. However, Arinsal lifts allow us to see the start and then quickly reach the arrival.


recorregut vertical comapedrosa


recorregut vertical comapedrosa

Ara tens l’opció de veure tot el recorregut en Google Earth. Tan sols has de descarregar-te l’arxiu. Es recomana tindre descarregada la versió Desktop per poder veure correctament totes les rutes.