Vertical Race

The Vertical Race is held on March 4 and is the third test of Comapedrosa Andorra World Championships The Comapedrosa vertical route is very special for participants, as it is made entirely by the ski slope, which allows athletes to give 100% without any interference being generated during progression. This makes it a unique and very attractive race for both runners and spectators of Comapedrosa Andorra World Cup.


The departure of the Seniors, men and women, and the U20 men is located at 1580 meters, while the vertical route Comapedrosa of the U20 women and all U18 starts higher, at an altitude of 1880 meters. The arrival of the Vertical Arinsal is located, for all categories, at an altitude of 2300 meters, next to the Bar Igloo.



You now have the option to view the entire route on Google Earth. You just have to download the file below. It is recommended that you download the Desktop version to see all the routes correctly.